A Challenging Boat Restoration

Bayliner boat restorationThis Bayliner Trophy is going to be a challenge. Leaking fasteners in the transom have led to dry rot spreading thru the transom block, into the transom braces, side walls and fuel tank wall. The only access into the area will be to cut and remove the motor splash well and possibly the entire deck. Let’s get busy!

We have cut a section of the splash well here and removed it. This required a saw cut around the interior shape, cutting off the cap at the back end and breaking the exposed bond between the well and the interior of the transom.

Restoration Process Revels More Damage

Splash well is removedThis work exposed the interior of the side walls. These were wet but not damaged so drying them out was the next step. We used a combination of heat, air and time to accomplish this.

As the wet wood dried out, it became apparent that there was a leak in the fuel tank which sits immediately forward of the work area. The boat owner elected to service and repair the existing tank and on this boat model there is one way to get the tank out, pull the deck off the hull.