Boston Whaler As a Fly Fishing Platform

Trolling motor mountThis small Boston Whaler is being used as a platform for fly fishing. A new trolling motor had been installed incorrectly causing the screws to strip out of their holes. The owner was understandably concerned with losing his new motor and came to us looking for a solution.

As visible in the photo, the rigger had tried to secure the motor base with screws (9 of them to be exact) not realizing that you can’t put screws into a Boston Whaler deck. Our fix was to fabricate a composite platform with a stand-off leg and bond the unit to the deck with epoxy. This was finished with a conversion primer and a coat of matching gel coat. The fastener holes for the motor base were then drilled and tapped into the platform with machine threads and the plastic base bolted into place. The finished platform is stiff and strong enough that he can tow the boat with the motor installed.

Holes improperly drilled

fabricate composite platform

Epoxy bond to deck

holes tapped-into-platform