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The owner of this boat had a space problem. The arch on his new boat was several inches taller than the door of his garage. We were given the task of making his boat fit the available space.

Boat restoration boat-design-modification   

The boat as delivered to us with the factory installed arch bolted in place.

The first step was to design a way to hinge the arch so that it would stay fastened to the boat, but lower enough to fit the height requirement. It was concluded that tipping the arch aft was the only way to accomplish the task.

With the design finished, the arch was removed from the boat, marked for the cut and the  forward section was cut away.

The resulting open faces were closed with fiberglass and matching gel coat and the bolts were reversed in orientation and bonded into the deck. The wiring harness was extended as needed and a strong set of hinges were inset into the bottom face of the arch and deck.

The result is a arch that looks factory installed with only a small tip of the hinge base visible.

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