Seminar #1 February 19, 7:00 PM.
Topics: #1 How to repair small damage in gel coat
#2 Annual maintenance schedule to keep your boat running trouble-free
#3 Proper method for repacking wheel bearings

We are excited to bring this information to you in the first of what we hope is an ongoing series of repair seminars! In the first installment I will be discussing repair techniques for small holes that might be from old fasteners or small air voids or chips from your last outing when somebody dropped the anchor on the deck. We will cover resin and fabric types and fillers as well as application repair techniques. Each speaker will follow with a Q & A session and we will be available after the conclusion of the event for follow-up questions.
Bob from Superior Boat Repair will be helping you stay on the water and Steve with California Trailer Works will help you get there in the first place.
See you there!

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