Custom Marine Composites

Instruments Pod

This client wanted to install additional instruments to his boat and needed more room to fit the display heads. We designed a box to fit the instruments and the boat and constructed it out of mid-density foam and fiberglass finished in gel coat to match the existing dash.


Marine Composite Dagger BoardComposite Marine Mast Tube

This client approached us with a request to produce parts for a small sailboat no longer in production but still in widespread use. We reconditioned existing molds and are building a variety of parts with an improved laminate schedule and resin type over the original.

Rudder InstalledPrepair Rudder

This client wanted to fit a custom rudder on his boat as part of a larger refit. We built this rudder to a naval architect design with carbon fiber skins vacuum bagged over a shaped foam core with a carbon shaft. The entire unit weighs 32 pounds (14.5 kg) replacing a 56 pound (225.4 kg) original rudder.

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